Kixchange Canada II – June 5th 2016 at the Delta Toronto East in Scarborough, Ontario


As the years have progressed it has become the “in” thing to be a sneakerhead for many people. You begin to see this trend by the multiple sneaker events that seem to be popping up with a lot of people in attendance that have absolutely no clue what the sneaker culture is about. Fortunately, those events NEVER outshine the events that truly matter…


One of the best things about being a part of Sole Theory is we often get invited to sneaker culture events all the time. They are even more special when they are put on by people that you grew up with from your neighborhood. So, when @quincyly and @stillgems from @kixchangecanada and @inkixwetrust to asked us to pass through to Kixchange Canada II at the Delta Toronto East in Scarborough on June 5th 2016 it was a no brainer for us to show some support.


Like most sneaker events being put on we are seeing that it’s not always just about the sneakers…it’s about the culture that surrounds it and if you miss that factor in your event then you really miss the point. At this events they had a barber (shout out to @kingo_jez from around the way as well), tattoo artist, decal artist, artists, a sneaker vendor game, mutiple clothing lines (shout out to @100milesbrand from home turf), multiple sneaker vendors and sellers, a trading pit, a freestyle cypher as well as one of the best DJs in the city @djjasonchambers from G987 FM providing the soundtrack for the whole afternoon. So you could say you got a very good taste of what the culture us about at this event.


As always you get to see some of the people from the sneakerhead community as well as those that…well just have a lot of money and buy everything in sight to try and legitimize their spot in the culture (it’s not working). Lots of Jordans, Foamposites, LeBrons, Yeezys and anything else that has the over $250 price tag in the spot. What most people need to realize is that if everyone has them they lose that appeal that most sneakerheads look for. For example there was a pair of Nike ACG Mowabbs in a Black, Silver and White colourway…for me they STOLE THE SHOW! I have never seen those before and to see them in person just blew me away!


Having an event at the Delta Toronto East was a brilliant idea by the crew at @kixchangecanada because it’s right off the highway with plenty of parking with easy access to get in and out of the venue. At some venues the hardest part is just finding parking much less the venue itself. When speaking to the staff they told us that they had a great turn out of people, which in turn hopefully means that there will be more in the near future. As of this moment this event only happens once a year, but with the peak in interest of the Toronto sneaker culture hopefully we will see a couple more a year just to remind the masses what sneakerhead culture is TRULY about!

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