JS Roundhouse Mid

I warned people a long time ago that if you continue to let the Jeremy Scott Circus of Sneakers continue there would be some problems…and now look what happens! There is A HUGE controversy surrounding the JS Roundhouse Mid. People all over are up in arms claiming that he is a racist or the sneaker is insensitive to the struggles that black people went through during slavery. To the credit of Adidas, the original design of the Roundhouse Mid is a half decent sneaker and I could see myself wearing it, but they REALLY dropped the ball when they let Jeremy Scott touch it.



Yes, there are shackles on the sneakers, but really who cares? Have you not seen his past designs of sneakers…why would this surprise you? I don’t believe for a second that he meant to offend anyone by including the shackles on the sneaker and if you look at his client base there are a lot of prominent black personalities that shell out A LOT of money for his designs…why would he mess with his own money? You have Kanye West, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj to name a small group of people that wear his designs and have a very strong pull in the urban fashion world…regardless of what you are into…do you think he would want to mess with those strong personalities?

Let’s be realistic right now…IT IS JUST A SNEAKER! If you feel that you are revisiting the cotton fields based on a sneaker with PLASTIC ORANGE shackles then you are not taking the struggles seriously either. When asked about why he put the PLASTIC shackles on the sneaker Jeremy Scott stated that he got the idea from a toy and television show called “My Pet Monster”…yeah, it’s not that serious! I’m by no means saying that slavery is something that should not be treated with the utmost seriousness, but I am saying using a multicolored sneaker to represent disrespect towards that struggle is a bit too far fetched!

If people did their research they would know that shackles are still used to this very day for transport of criminals. Furthermore, black people were not the only race that experienced slavery or exposed to shackles. All this talk of “never wearing an Adidas product again!” based off of a sneaker is just taking things way out of proportion. Being part of the black race myself I feel absolutely NOTHING when I see this sneaker…I don’t like, so I just won’t buy it…case closed!

After all the negative attention that Adidas received for allowing this sneaker to be made it was immediately taken out of production. I didn’t see what the big deal was…it was just another horribly designed sneaker…nothing more! Some individuals really need to learn where to focus their energy because whether they want to believe it or not any press is good press. If people didn’t know who Jeremy Scott was before they DEFINITELY know who he is now…good work activists! This means he is going to make MORE SNEAKERS…NOOOOOOO!!!

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