Jeremy Scott and Adidas Strikes Again!




Just when you thought Adidas and the Jeremy Scott collabo was done, they had an ace up their sleeves (not really). It seems as though they stole grandma’s kitchen-curtain, wrapped it around a pair of Adidas high tops (with wings might I add), threw a $250 price tag on it and then called it a “sneaker”. I have a lot of respect for Jeremy Scott, as a fashion designer and Adidas, for it’s impact on sneaker culture. However, these releases of “throw some s#*t on a sneaker and make it ugly as f*#k” is beginning to make these sneaker projects a joke. The real winner in this equation would be the dude, who was clearly sniffing the sneaker glue; that approved this release and still holds their job at Adidas. Nevertheless, if this was his or her way of giving upper management the middle finger before they quit, then this was pure genius!

  • Jeffrey Lyons

    So they basically took some of his ugly designs and made them even more horrid? Why does Adidas not take the sneaker game seriously? Just seeing that they are allowing him to continue to design sneakers is upsetting…MAKE IT STOP!

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