Introducing the Louis Vuitton Roshe?


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock on an island in the middle of nowhere you must have seen a pair of the VERY popular Nike Roshe. Since being released a couple years ago they have been a dominate sneaker on the scene due to the fact that they are comfortable, stylish and most importantly non-expensive.

Almost all sneaker companies have made an attempt to create their own version of the Roshe, but they really weren’t fooling anyone in the sneaker community. One of the most obvious culprits of this is the Yeezy Boost 350. People can say what they want…but it seemed VERY suspect that right after Kanye left Nike to make sneakers with Adidas the Boosts come out and pretty much look like knitted Roshes with nice laces.


So the question that comes up now in the sneaker community is who did the best job of making a knock off.  Well, I think we have found a top candidate…check out the Louis Vuitton – Fastlane. Normally, I not a big fan of high fashion sneakers (mainly because I just don’t have the bankroll for them), but these right here…looks like I might have to start donating blood to make payments on them!

The Louis Vuitton – Fastlane has a very clean look while still maintaining those features that you are used to seeing with the LV brand. The sneaker has a Hi-Tech mesh upper accompanied with the forever classic Damier embossed rubber.  The front of the high-end sneaker sports the same mesh just like the Nike Roshe…for the most part it is what makes it almost a complete knock off.  The sole of the sneaker is pretty much the same as the Roshe other than placing a couple markings on it.

All in all…this sneaker is pretty much a knock off of the Nike Roshe…but at the same time…I don’t care! They actually look really nice and not really someone that likes how high fashion sneakers normally look! Most of the time they make you look like a walking billboard for the brand but these kicks are really passive and get the point across very well.


So far the Louis Vuitton – Fastlane has been shown in 3 colourways, which are black, yellow and burgundy and are selling for $785 USD according to their website. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I wanted them all…but I also know I wouldn’t be buying any other kicks, eating, going out or doing anything for that matter! LOL…but I would look nice doing nothing in these joints!

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