Inside The Sneaker Mind of DJ P-Plus

If P-Plus’s name isn’t buzzing when it comes to top DJs in Toronto, then it is definitely being mentioned when it comes to kicks. Much like his taste for classic Hip Hop tracks and other timeless music, his sneaker taste reflects just that. Not to mention some recent limited editions you only see celebs tweeting about. Catching up with this talented individual was just like taking a trip down memory lane, as he shared what most of us can relate to when it comes to sneakers.

How many shoes do you have in your collection?
My collection has dwindled down a lot. I only have about 100 pairs right now.

What was the peak of your collection?
Somewhere in the two hundreds.

Where did they all go, eBay?
Some I sold, some I gave away and I kind of just got out the game. I didn’t start out as a shoe collector. I just wanted to be close to my nostalgia and own dope kicks I couldn’t afford when I was a kid. You get your first pairs of Nikes then Huaraches then and after a while Nike starts taking advantage of that. Shout outs to Nike! (laughs)… But I don’t really buy kicks anymore.


OH NO! But you showed me your limited edition South Beach LeBrons that you’ll make exceptions for.
Yes! I paid $400 for these and the price went up (takes them out the box wrapped in plastic)

You didn’t think twice about it?
No, these are sick and so limited. When I look back on ebay they’re selling them for $1300. They’re a really good shoe, comfortable, amazing to kick around in they look good. I like the bright colours and I’m not really a bright colour kind of guy but I like them.

So when times get rough you’re going to pitch them on eBay?
NO! (laughs)

Have you seen anyone else in these kicks?
I’ve only seen a few people with these kicks. My boy Aaron A whose collection is insane! But I don’t know anyone else that would be able to pull this off.

Is there anyone out there that’s impressed you with their collection?
Oh man, we gotta talk about the original shoe collectors. For sure Scam, I think Scam may have one of the biggest Jordan collections. There’s this other guy named Hector that use to sell me kicks and he has a big Jordan collection and then I would say Scam. I heard those guys have like 400pairs all OGs.

Is there a shoe you would not be caught dead in?
A lot of the later Jordans, like 18s!

It could be any brand not just Jordans, any brand you would not wear?
I’ll wear anything I’m not an exclusive Nike guy. I’ll wear Timbs or Clarks I’ll put my feet in whatever, I don’t really care. Back when you were a kid you were like, “Oh no I’m not gonna wear this or that.” After a while you start to realize they’re just shoes.

So if a “no name” sneaker company wanted to give you a deal and create a signature shoe with your name on it and sell it out of a bargain basement store. Would you take it?
No! I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t go that far (laughs)


What are your top 5 kicks of all time?

  • Number 5 – the Charles Barkley 180 Unions
  • Number 4 – Nike Huaraches the black and white ones with the strap
  • Number 3 – the olive Jordan Vs
  • Number 2 -the OG Jordan IVs
  • Number 1 – the OG Jordan IIIs

Do you think bootleg kicks particularly Jordans have affected the sneaker game at all?
No, not at all. Owning Jordans, you just know a fake. The Concord Jordans never came out in royal blue (laughs) I think it hurt Nike just in terms of overall sales. But they make so much money it doesn’t matter. Most of their money is spent on marketing not product, so they don’t really care either way.

If you could get a signature contract with a shoe company who would you pick?
It would be Nike because of their innovation and design.

Would you prefer to design a shoe from scratch or pick from their existing catalogue?
That’s a good question! I don’t know, a lot of shoe designs are inspired from other shoes and other things. Like the concords being inspired by a Concord and the candy canes being inspired by a Ferrari. So I don’t know that’s a tricky question. I guess I would have to do an original but I don’t know what it would be based on. It’s almost like everything has been done with the shoe, right?

• •

The only regret that P-Plus had in this interview was that he wished he brought out more heat! So stay tuned for our follow up with this Toronto representative as I’m sure what we’ve just seen is the pot getting warm.

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