Inside Shawnie Boy’s Sneaker Chamber

When did you discover your love for sneakers?

My love for sneakers started when I was in grade school. When I was growing up like many young boys we wanted our parents to buy those crisp Air Jordan’s. Unfortunately my parents weren’t having it. “$100 for a pair of sneakers are you out of your mind child?!?” is what my mother would always say to me. I always ended up with some Flight Air bounds or Solo Flights which were still nice but seemed like a consolation prize next to the coveted Air Jordans. So that’s where I believe my passion for Air Jordan’s came into place. You could say in my latter years I over compensated for my childhood short comings. LOL!

How many sneakers do you own?

I lost count a long time ago but I say my collection is close to 300 pairs. Roughly 100 pairs of Air Jordans. The rest are retro Nikes, Rebook Pumps, a mix of others.

You were one of the early adopters that sold and purchased kicks on eBay. How has eBay changed the sneaker game for better or worse?

I’ve been buying and selling on eBay for many years. It is a great place to find those hidden gems that eluded your collection and is the first place I usually look to start off my search. It has changed quite a bit over the years and has been the primary outlet for re-sellers to sell their bulk purchases of the hottest shoes and make huge profits. So it’s great for them, terrible for shoe collectors.

“Nike needs to drop those Nike Air Solo Flight (1990) in every color!”


Was there ever an eBay bid you missed out on that haunts you until this very day?

I’ll never forget… It was a deadstock pair of LA Gear “Light Gear” with working LED lights I had the exact pair when I was in grade 9 and wanted them so bad for nostalgic purposes as I had a lot of good times in those kicks. Believe it or not, at the time LA Gear Tech was killing it and that was the hottest shoe out. I lost the bid by four bucks… never seen a pair since!

What was the worst sneaker you owned as a kid?

Got to be those Velcro Bullets or Trax joints my mother used to send me to kindergarten with. After the first grade I started to have a little more input on my sneaker purchases.

If you could re-release any sneaker, what sneaker would it be?

Nike needs to drop those Nike Air Solo Flight (1990) in every color! But only the version with the visible air bubble.

Is there a brand you wouldn’t be caught wearing?

There are so many! But most of all I wound NEVER been caught wearing bootleg or variant. Anyone who has respect for the sneaker culture would never even think about it as I feel it is a total disrespect to the real sneaker heads. If you miss a release, don’t worry you’ll get your hands on it eventually. They always come back around.

You’ve got a new hustle with repairing old kicks. What’s the story behind that?

It came about by fluke really. I really wanted to repair my beloved black cement OG Air Jordan 3’s so by a lot of trial and error I learned to blend and match paint perfectly and resole OG pairs by using a special technique of baking them and pulling them apart. Then re-soling them with retro soles as the OGs tend to crack or tear apart over years from oxidization. No matter how dead a shoe may seem there are millions of ways to restore them.

What are your “go-to” kicks?

My go to Daily Kicks are the Air Jordan 3’s. I have 4 or 5 Black Cements and wear them religiously. Whether I’m hitting the club, chilling or taking my niece to Church you will more than likely catch me in those.

What are your top 3 kicks of all time?

Top 3? Very tough but I have to go with the Black Cement Air Jordan 3’s, Air Jordan Concord 11’s, Infrared Air Jordan 6 with honorable mention to my Michael Chang Reebok Court Victory Pump.

Is there a sneaker you regret buying, if so which one?

My recent pick up of second pair of DS 2006 fire red 3’s. My pair was yellowing bad and I wanted another pair to rock, I love this shoe. Against my better judgement I got into a bidding war on eBay and paid way too much. Then my best friend Corwin came across them at a local sneaker spot a few weeks later for a hundred bucks. You win some you lose some.

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  • SwaggKingKole

    That’s an ill sneaker set up!

  • AleinusINC

    SHAWN!!! This is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J-Swift

    Man the sneaker setup that Shawn is SERIOUS! Respect is due to a fellow sneakerhead…do your thing man! Great interview!

  • Old school Dan

    Thanks so much for the pairs of Jordan’s you sold me; brings me back to 1990 again!

  • Old school Dan

    Thanks Shawn for the Jordans; they bring me back to 1990 again!!

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