How Strong Is Your Sneaker Rotation?

Having a steady flow in your shoe rotation is one of the most fundamental rules in shoe etiquette. Essentially what this means is that there should be no reason for a shoe enthusiast to wear the same pair of shoes for 7 days straight. This offense is heavily frowned upon within the shoe coalition. There are some exceptions to the rule in the case where your place of employment has strict guidelines for footwear (ie: A construction worker is expected to wear steel toe boots.)

Aside from that if you apply this simple rule to your daily routine you’ll get longevity out of your footwear not to mention up your ranking in the shoe world. Over the years people have asked me,”how do you keep your shoes looking new? “My answer “I minimize their mileage.” Don’t get me wrong, when I get a fresh pair of kicks I don’t want to take them off. However my rotation comes first and if I have worn those shoes 3-4 days straight I’m definitely changing them up on day 5.

This rule isn’t only geared to those that have a deep shoe game. The bare minimum to have a decent rotation is 3. However how you choose to switch them up is entirely your call. The one important thing is to not have 1 pair on for a full week. The obvious reasons to avoid this trap is that anything seen too often loses its appeal. Once that happens you can bet you have also lost any points on shoes that you’ve garnered over your career. On the flip side, if you’re a part of the elite group that can change up their shoes on a daily basis, that scores a perfect 10 on the shoe

A good way to test your rotation knowledge is to line up all your shoes together as if you have brought them in for questioning. If there’s a drastic visual difference in wear-ability that’s a direct indication that you need to make adjustments in your rotation. This process can hurt especially if your favourite kicks is the victim of your negligence.

Bottom line: Stay on point with your rotation and your shoes will be around for a lifetime.

  • I.B. Da Force Masta

    As a collector of fine footwear myself, I definitely keep the “milage” low on my kicks, (it’s a little bit easier for me as I have over 160 pairs). The absolute best way to do that is to keep them on rotation. You don’t have to be a collector, you just need to have about 3 or 4 pairs of new shoes and just rotate every 3 or 4 days.

  • lickmysoles

    i try to rotate a different shoe everyday for a month…then i box those and bring out another 30…;)

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