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Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of finally getting a chance to see Las Vegas, Nevada aka Sin City. It was K Laced birthday and he decided that he wanted to ring in another great year there…and who am I to argue? As any sneakerhead from Canada knows when you are going to the US you have to give yourself that pep talk to make sure you lose your damn mind when you see the mass amount of variety in sneakers that the United States have to offer.

Trying to be on top of things I made sure to bring big a chunk of money seeing that I would assume that partying in Vegas would be expensive and I don’t get to travel much so…what the hell! With all that in mind I headed out to Vegas thinking I would be clubbing, drinking and spending all sorts of money like I was a baller…but that wasn’t the case at all. K-Laced told the group of us that he wanted to hit the gun range, which we did and after that he was good…no clubbing, no balling out of control…none of that! So here I am in Sin City with a pocket full cash and I’ve tried my best not to go into a sneaker spot…I feel the shakes coming on….SNEEEAAAAAAKKKEEERRR TIIIIIIIIMMMMMEEEE!!!

So off I went to the Miracle Mile Shops located in the Planet Hollywood complex looking for the first Champs Sports or Foot Locker to sink my teeth in…but then I saw someone walking around with a  shopping bag with the letters “SP” on it. Wait…could it be? Shoe Palace is close by? I follow them on Instagram, but I didn’t think that I would ever get to see their store. My heart began to race as I looked for the closest mall directory and once I found I saw it…SHOE PALACE! Oh my lord, my mouth started to water at the anticipation of seeing this place in all its glory. As I weaved through people with my heart pounding I could see it in the distance, but I would never imagine to see a store so big and beautiful (cue the pearly gates of heaven sound effects).


Seeing that I’m from Toronto, we don’t have the same variety that our fellow sneakerheads have in the United States much less the sneaker spots. Yeah we have Foot Locker and Champs Sports, but Shoe Palace…oh man! Let me tell you how my neck started to hurt me as my head was going up and down, side to side looking at all the variety sneakers in multiple colourways. It was too much to bare at one time…but in a good way!

One of the first things that I noticed right away while in the Shoe Palace was the fact that the service was AMAZING! At no time did I have to be looking for a store representative to help me with my questions or getting me my size, but what I found most impressive was the gentleman that was managing the store. Within minutes of being in the store I got to meet Mr. Joey Laow, the manager of that Shoe Palace and he made sure that I was taken good care of. But, it is one things to be a manager and another to know your product, so taking a good glance down at his feet he was rocking the Nike Air Jordan XIs Concord Lows…so ummm hell yeah he gets my seal of approval!


I was so impressed with the way in which he was handling his staff and customers in the store I approached him about doing a quick interview with Sole Theory and he agreed…check out it out:

1.     How many sneakers do you own?

Seven in total…White Jordan 1s, Pegasus 30, Nike free 5.0, Lunarglide Fives, classic black nylon Cortez, pair of Melos and of course my Concord 11 lows. I don’t keep them long. I continuously donate my shoes to whomever is in need standing on the corner if I have them in the car.


2.     What is the concept behind the Shoe Palace?

To give “the ultimate experience”.

3.     What is the feeling you want your customers to have once they leave the Shoe Palace?

As if they just shopped with family.

4.     If you could have one exclusive sneaker that you could sell only at your store which sneaker would it be?

Huaraches low tops. For my awesome UK family “clients”. The accent is so lovely

5.     Who in the industry would you say has the best sneaker game that you’ve seen?

We do. With everything that we stand for and back up with the level of excellence in customer service and loyalty nothing can compromise that, and we believe we are second to none.

6.     Do you want the Shoe Palace to be looked at like the big box sneaker stores or looked at more like the exclusive boutique type establishments?

Naturally we are the fastest growing family owned company nationwide. And obviously flagship stores are now being built. Nonetheless our personalized customer service and out great energy is continuous with making our clients feel welcomed at all times…Shopping with Shoe Palace is like just “coming home”.

7.     What sneaker would you never wear and why? Would you sell that sneaker in your store even though you don’t like it?

Boy that’s a tough one. Usually the ugliest sneakers are usually the most comfortable and I always trend to buy and wear them to death.


8.     What will be your next sneaker purchase?

My next purchase definitely is going to be the new Pegasus 31. Nike’s finest running shoe I believe that works best for me , comfort all day long, I’m not getting any younger,  neither is my back.

9.     Do you have any buyer’s remorse/a sneaker you regret purchasing and why?


10.  What’s the most you’ve spent on a pair of kicks? Which ones?

Kobe Venom 4 Glow-in-the-Dark. For a best friend of mine plus emergency shipping for his birthday “oh dear lord”.

11.  What’s the worst sneaker you owned as a kid?

I’ll tell you all my kicks when I was a kid were awesome but the dress shoes my parents put on me with the tassels on them I couldn’t stand.

12.  Is there a sneaker you missed out on?

I’ve passed on tons of kicks in the past. Silly Silly me.

13. What’ your top 3 kicks of all time?

Is this Article long enough?  There are so many shoes I’m completely in love with.

Let me just say this off the bat…I have spoken to many sneakerheads from a lot of places and backgrounds and I have NEVER gotten an answer like Joey gave for question #1. That is a million dollar answer and I think I’m going to adopt that frame of mind into my world! Much respect going out to Joey Loaw for that answer…we can all sit back and learn something from what he said!

As you can tell by now, when going to the Shoe Palace you are dealing with a VERY different type of sneaker atmosphere. I highly recommend you check that spot out because you will definitely be leaving with a great feeling and a sweet pair of kicks! I know I did…got me a nice pair of Nike Air Tech Challenge Huaraches aka the Agassi’s! I have been waiting to get my hands on these for A LONG TIME!


I want to give a special thanks to Joey Laow and all the staff at Shoe Palace for the amazing experience while in Las Vegas, Nevada…can’t wait to come back and buy everything in the whole shop!

Make sure to check out Joey and his amazing staff at:




Monday-Friday: (Mon-Thurs: 10am – 11pm) (Fri: 10am – Midnight)

Saturday: 10am – Midnight 12am

Sunday: 10am -11 am


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