Flashback Friday: Sole Exchange – August 22, 2015


Whenever you speak about a sneaker event to those that are not familiar to the sneaker culture it is pretty amazing to hear the assumptions that they have about what happens there. There are questions about fighting, theft, jealously and so on. For the most part it starts out with many negatives, but in reality those are pretty much the last thing you think about when you are in attendance. It is more like a family reunion and there is nothing but love and respect amongst fellow sneakerheads.



On August 22, 2015 the great team from Sole Exchange put together and amazing event at the Metro Toronto  Convention Centre in Toronto, Ontario that gathered up some of Toronto’s finest sneakerheads as well as others from out of town. As always there was everything from the hard core sneakerheads to the people that were just coming to take in the event for their curiosity. Great people, great vibe, great music as well as the most obvious…GREAT SNEAKERS!



One of the things that I personally love about events like this is some of us may never be able to grab that one sneaker, but if you are just able to see or touch it…that’s good enough. Sometimes just the mere fact that a fellow sneakerhead was able to get it makes it enjoyable for you…no envy at all, just seeing it in person is good enough.



I could go on and on about how great the Sole Exchange sneaker event truly is, but no words would do it justice…but if you want a taste of what you’re missing out on take in this video…




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