Eastbay.com Re-stocking Conspiracy

eastbay-jordan-restock-01Eastbay recently announced a huge restocking of our favourite and most popular Jordans on Saturday April 19th at 8:00am ET. I went to Eastbay.com the night before to see the line up and it was very impressive. One could not help but to think like Ghostface on Raekwon’s Only Built for Cuban Links interlude “I’m gonna rock n**gas this summer!” But just like myself there are hundreds and likely thousands of people who were thinking the same thing and the fact that Eastbay made it so convenient for me not to sleep outside, line up for hours, engage in a riot and test out my new choke hold from my self-defense class. Something had to give but what? My other thought was, “How is Eastbay going to handle the traffic when 8:00 am hits?”

Then it also occurred to me that this would be an amazing marketing strategy to get as many users on their site with no intention of ever restocking. Just to prove to brands and advertisers how many eyes they can get on their product. Call me a conspiracy theorist but money does make the world go round. After doing some sniffing around online, I discovered that Eastbay stated that “majority of the styles will start at size 15…” and there’s the catch! However full size runs will be in two styles, the white VIs and powder blue IIIs. Needless to say I decided to see how this was going to play out. On Saturday at 8:00 am, myself and thousands of sneaker heads that skipped breakfast visited Eastbay.com and were greeted with a bright yellow page with a message basically telling me, “You ain’t getting shit today so check back whenever.” – Not in those exact words but I’m trying to make a point. Clicking refresh for 10 minutes I finally land on the home page and select Jordans. I then get hit with the same message again.


In that moment I could see Eastbay’s marketing department high-fiving each other in slow motion with Lil’ Wanye’s “A Milli” bumping in the background because that’s how many site visits I’m sure they received that day. If you were successful in getting a pair of Jordans on Eastbay this past weekend post them on Instagram and tag #BetterLuckNextTimeSoleTheory.


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