Do You Sneaker Stare?

Adidas Roundhouse Mid

We all do it, unfortunately some more than others. Some might admit to it while others are in denial. It’s the ever so common glance or stare at someones shoes. There’s a huge difference between a glance and a stare. If your glance is longer than 1.5 seconds then it can be classified as a stare, and if you’re from Toronto that stare can easily be matched by a “screw-face”.

The tendency to look at someones shoes is a natural habit for a sneaker head. Paying attention to footwear keeps you in touch with trends, styles and maybe releases that you missed. With that being said there’s still a thin line between a glance and a blatant stare. Should you feel your glance spilling over into the danger zone of a stare be prepared to bail yourself out by acknowledging the sneaker owner with a response like “nice kicks!” Any respectable sneaker connoisseur will kindly reply with a “Thanks” and that will instantly reverse the roles should your sneaker game be on point, and all is well in sneaker land.

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