Do You Know Your Sneaker Rights?

Sneaker Rights

So you and your friend have the same taste when it comes to footwear. You both go to the store and want to buy the exact same shoe. Sound familiar? The rules of the game are simply this: Purchasing the same shoe is permitted but wearing it at the same time is prohibited. Unless you’re part of a sports team or you’re a twin between the ages of 0 to 5 years old – in those cases you get exempted. I understand there can be the random meet up or you happen to bump into them on the street. From the outside looking in that’s not the story your shoes are telling us.

Take heed to these words of wisdom and know your rights. Wearing the same pair of eye catching kicks as your friend is frowned upon. Not only does it make you both look like matching fools, it takes away the true essence of what makes that shoe unique. If an event or night out with some friends is on the agenda then you need to confirm with the other party if they’re going to wear the same shoes you both purchased.

Things can go a number of ways.

  1. The friend doesn’t plan on wearing them so you have the green light.
  2. Your friend plans on wearing them but you have an alternative and they have the green light.
  3. You both plan on wearing them and the awkward silence ensues.

Let’s highlight #3 as this can cause some friction.

At some point and time you both knew this was going to happen so this isn’t a complete shock. The person who declared in the shoe store,”I’m getting those shoes” is entitled to be the first one to break them in amongst their peers. However if this isn’t the shoe’s debut amongst others, then the person who wore them last amongst the company of¬† friends must hand over the rights to the other owner. Should this be a difficult sacrifice for either friend to make then you run the risk of both of you losing your shoe credibility. Depending on where you rank that might be a steep fall.

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