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The underground Hip Hop scene is a cesspool of talent where all of your favorite emcees craft their lyrical identity. For those that separate themselves from the pack, it is definitely not by accident, but by a burning desire to out due themselves on every track they record. Meet Chaundon, the Bronx native with an uncanny flow with hooks and punch lines to make your team stagger. But then again, if you listened to real Hip Hop then you know this already. I had the opportunity to get his candid insight on sneakers and Hip Hop and here’s what he shared.

What’s your most memorable Hip Hop/Sneaker moment?
My most memorable Hip Hop sneaker moment was watching that episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air when Will rocked the Black & metallic Jordan V’s. The way those J’s looked on TV was a game changer. I had to have those, so I can stop time when I stepped on the scene the way Will did.

 “I’m the Leonardo Di Caprio of choosing sneakers. He chooses a few roles every now and then, which strengthens his body of work…”

How would you describe the relationship between Hip-Hop and sneakers?
The relationship is like Ozzie Davis and Ruby Dee. That kind of love will never die no matter how old they get. Hip Hop and sneakers just go together. It’s a perfect fit (pun intended). Another way to look at it, sneakers became a crown so to speak. So, the kings in Hip Hop wear the “crown” with pride as we walk across our dominions.

What sneaker would best describe your rhyming style?
Hmmm that’s a tough question. I would have to say The Bo Jacskons. Why? There is no mistake on how dope they are, just like my rhyme style.

How many sneakers do you own?
Honestly, I don’t own a lot of sneakers. I’m the Leonardo Di Caprio of choosing sneakers. He chooses a few roles every now and then, which strengthens his body of work. I choose sneakers the same way. I only cop joints that compliment the clothes in my closet.

What’s the worst sneaker you owned as a kid?
The Reebok black tops. I still don’t understand what possessed me to buy those.

Is there a sneaker you regret buying?
Those damn Reebok black tops.

If you could re-release any sneaker, what sneaker would it be?
Probably the black Air Griffey Max 1

What sneakers are in your regular rotation?
In recent months I’ve been buying Jordan’s. I’m about to switch up and buy some joints y’all ain’t never heard of!

What’s the worst sneaker of all time?
Another tough question. The Ewings. Those joints looked like space boots.

What are your top three sneakers of all time?
Jordan IV, V and the Bo Jackson’s.

Are there any upcoming projects you want people to look out for?
My album, “The Jammington” and my new EP, “By The Way” which dropped on 2/12/13 and is available on iTunes and all major online retailers.

Stay up to date with Chaundon and follow him on Twitter @CHAUNDON

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