Big Tigger’s Sneaker Stripes

The relationship between Hip Hop and sneakers is unparalleled. When this dynamic duo was born in the 80’s between Adidas and Run DMC, the relationship took flight into a huge marketing/money making machine. Ironically in the 90’s, Hip Hop and sneakers equally produced timeless classics that would change the course of their respective cultures forever. Emerging in the heat of it all was a well known and highly respected television and radio personality by the name of Big Tigger. Taking the reigns as the host of BET’s Rap City: Tha Basement, viewers saw interviews of their favorite emcees, freestyles and DJs. If you were like me you also got a healthy dose of the latest kicks Big Tigger would be rocking. Anyone that remembers the first Air Jordan Trunners knows that you saw them on Big Tigger first. Although I mildly hated on Tigger for having the freshest kicks, I was still able to put my differences aside to get his insight on sneakers.

How many sneakers do you own?
Roughly 400+. I have to keep rotating them a lil before it becomes to hectic. The classics and very special ones remain boxed up!

If you could choose a sneaker that best describes you, what sneaker would it be and why?
I would have to say Jordan 6. Timeless and iconic.

 “Jordan 10’s. Might be the most comfortable ball shoe ever.”

How would you describe the relationship with Hip-Hop and sneakers?
Growing up with Hip hop as I did, I saw the culture influence the sneakers as much as the sneakers influenced the Culture. RUN-DMC was 1st to marry Adidas to Hip Hop, LL Cool J rocked Pumas and Troop, Steady B talked about Fila. The same trends continue today with artists not only rocking certain shoes, but also designing them. Kanye West, Nelly, Drake, B.O.B., Eminem, Jay-Z and 50 Cent to name a few. Its a mutually beneficial relationship between fashion and music.

Growing up, was there a sneaker you just had to have?
I was DYING to have the Black/Red suede Puma Clydes… Never got ’em, but definitely wanted them.

What’s the worst sneaker you owned as a kid?
Some knockoff Fila’s named Jumps… smh..

Who in the industry has the best sneaker game?
Of the OG’s, I’d have to say it’s between Clark Kent, Bobbito, Fat Joe & me. Of the YG’s Wale, Fabolous & Drake.

If you could re-release any sneaker, what sneaker would it be?
Fortunately the Jordan 6’s continue to be re-released, but other than those, the ‘Hare Jordan’ 7s and the all white Seamless AF1s. Loved those!

What’s the most you would spend on a pair of sneakers?
$2000.00. Only did so because it was a limited release and the proceeds went to charity.. the Nike Air Mag aka Marty McFly

What sneakers are in your regular rotation?
Jordan 6’s blk/red, all colors of the Nike Foamposites, Jordan Bordeaux 7’s and a variety of Lebrons and KDs.

What’s your favorite sneaker to play basketball in?
Jordan 10’s. Might be the most comfortable ball shoe ever.

Is there a sneaker or brand you would never be caught wearing?
Lottos lol!

What are your top three sneakers of all time?
Jordan 6 infared, Nike Foamposite Pro, Nike AF1

Are there any upcoming projects you want people to look out for?
My free podcast mixes available on iTunes at keyword BT Radio or Started 1 year ago and have posted 35 mixes that have garnered 1.8 million downloads in one year! Follow me on Twitter an Instagram @BigTIggerShow!

  • MDiaz

    need those brons!

  • krown21

    stuuuuupid line up! wish i had the mags tho!

    • drm_chsn

      I’ll take TD Foams any day over mags.

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