AIR MAX MONDAYS: SOLE DIVA EDITION: NikeLab Air Max 90 Pinnacle WMNS (Red Stardust)


When it comes to getting exclusives no one lucks out more than the Sole Divas! I have said it many times in the past but they have the best of many worlds…they can rock men’s shoes, women’s shoes and depending on the size of their feet they can also take advantage of kid’s shoes as well! To say that some of the men have sneaker envy would be an understatement, but at the same time…it makes the game all that much more interesting.


When it comes to the Nike Air Max the Sole Divas have always have had the upper hand! Just recently Nike announced another gem that they can add to their collection…check out the NikeLab Air Max 90 Pinnacle WMNS (Red Stardust) or Pink…LOL. Ummm…yeah this one is REALLY for them only unless you’re trying to be like Camron from back in the glory days of the Dipset. Mind you, during October it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I think you would be hard pressed for anyone to test you if you rock these in support of the women out there fighting that battle. See, here at Sole Theory we are always trying to help sneakerheads get their way when it comes to getting their hands on kicks LOL…good luck fellas!


There is no doubt that the Nike Air Max 90 is going to be a classic not only in the Nike catalogue, but in the history of sneakers…YEAH I will battle you on this statement anytime you like! Since it made its first appearance on the scene it has always been a popular pick for many people of all ages and preferences. With the NikeLab Air Max 90 Pinnacle WMNS (Red Stardust) they took it to a whole new level. Even though it looks like something that you have seen before…you haven’t!


One of the things that stands out right away bout this sneaker right away is that it is all leather. It is stated that it is made up of a mix of tumbled leather with differing treatments from various sources. All that means to me is EASY TO CLEAN! At first glance you can see that this is a very solid sneaker with a colourway that will have it flying off of the shelves when it the shelves. There is no official as to what the price of these beauties will be or when they will be released, but I know that they are going to be a huge hit with the Sole Divas!

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