If there is anything that the spring and summer season does for sneakerheads it is make them shop till they drop. Sneaker companies tend to unleash a load of crazy colourways for the sneaker community to run wild on. With that being said…this can often lead to a sneaker that was considered to be just regular to something very spectacular!


Check out the Nike Air Max Thea (Bright Grape)…and SIGH it is for the Sole Divas only fellas…sorry! If you have been following Air Max Mondays you will know that we have already featured the Nike Air Max Thea, but when I saw the BRIGHT GRAPE colourway I knew that I had to let the masses of the female sneakerheads out there know about them…because you know I’m all about helping out the Sole Divas in the sneaker community.


So some people might be asking…what’s the big deal? Well, I’ve taken the time to show these joints to some of my male sneakerheads and they are literally pissed off that these are for the ladies only. So, when I passed this by my female sneakerheads they damn near lost their minds…asking me where to get them RIGHT NOW! Even the ladies that are not too into sneaker culture said that they would jump on these in a instant if they saw these on the shelf at their local shoe store.


At the end of the day the Nike Air Max Thea (Bright Grape) are FIRE and you know that any Sole Diva that is seen in these joints will have everyone’s attention. After seeing these I can only imagine what madness will unfold in the sense of colourways over this sneaker season…

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