With many high profile sporting events coming up during the summer of 2014 you better believe that Nike will make sure that they give the sneakerheads something to speak about. One of the biggest events to be taking place this summer, if not
THE biggest depending on who you ask is the FIFA World Cup that is taking place in Brazil. Now, for those of you that don’t know what that is…it is pretty much the biggest soccer/football tournament in the world that takes place every 4 years. Teams representing every country in the world battle it out for 4 years in order to qualify for this immense tournament at the end to win the World Cup. So, with all eyes watching why not release some kicks for everyone to see…?


Introducing the Nike Sportswear City Pack. This sneaker collection is made up of what most would consider the most popular countries participating in the World Cup…but I wouldn’t say the best…YEAH I SAID IT! One of the best things about these packs is the variety and with the Nike Sportswear City Pack you better believe that you will be getting that for sure and then some! One thing that should be noted right away is that this City Pack is not an all exclusive Nike Air Max pack because it also includes a pair of Roshe Run and Internationalist (yeah they went that deep into the past!)…but WE are going to focus on the Air Max in the wonderful collection!


Nike used their classic Air Max in this collection, so you will mainly see the Nike Air Max 1/87, Nike Air Max 90 and the Nike Air Max 95. Representing New York, USA the Nike Air Max 90 Premium was used. For Rio De Janeiro, Brazil the Nike Air Max 90 Breeze was used. Nike used the Nike Air Max 95 as well as the Nike Air Max 1 Breeze for London, England. Last, but not least Nike used the Nike Air Max 90 Jacquard for Paris, France. If you are like me…a soccer fan…you SURELY can see that some of the heavy hitters in the soccer world were left out of this line up, but it is still early and who knows they may add some of the other countries.


All of the sneakers in the collection are a must have…yes even the New York joints with the polka dots! I know most of you are thinking I’ve lost my mind, but I look at this way. It is always that sneaker that you think you would never wear in your life…UNTIL you see it on another person’s foot, then you have a serious burning sensation in your chest from sneaker envy…I’m not letting that happen to me! I will just get them and put them on ICE if anything…LOL just to be safe!


There has been no official release date for this collection, but you better believe that these will be a hot selling pack due to the event that they are linked with. I’m just going to put it out there from now…but I think the Rio De Janeiro joints will sell the most and fastest…seeing that the World Cup is taking place in Brazil this year…but I mean I could be wrong.


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