If you have been following Air Max Mondays here on Sole Theory you would know that we have already featured the Nike Flyknit Max. That being said sometimes when you do the right thing to the right sneaker it demands being revisited! And BOY will you thank me for sharing this with you…my mouth is starting to water just looking at the preview pics for them…


Introducing the Nike Flyknit Max Summer Colour Collection…AMAZING! I won’t lie to you, when they first released these joints I wasn’t too impressed…they were nice, but I wasn’t going to kill myself to grab a pair…well NOW…it is on! I’ve said this many times before and I will say it again…the colourway of sneakers can make or break them. A lot of high quality sneakers can come off looking average just due to the fact that they didn’t have a good colourway and vice versa.


You may be asking yourself “what is this guy rambling on about?” Well, if you know anything about summertime and sneakers it is the time to be loud and seen by all. So we are talking about bright and bold colours. As always Nike made sure to have great choices for both the men and the women, but as you know women have the best of both worlds because they can rock both sides of the fence. Rather than go on and on about how great these colourways are…I will just show you!


Black Teal


Grey Mango


Blue Red



Red Teal


Lavender Fire


Grey Citrus


I don’t know about you…but ALL 3 are getting copped! I’m hoping that Nike takes this whole loud colour concept and spreads it throughout the Air Max universe. The Nike Flyknit Max was an ok sneaker…but now it is looking like the sneaker to have on your foot for the 2014 sneaker season! Great work Nike!

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