Growing up there were many sneakers that were often missed due to the fact that they not available long enough for most of us to grab with our limited budgets as kids growing up. Some of these sneakers were hidden gems that we chat about all the time and wish they would be released again just for nostalgic reasons. Often we would have conversations about what it would be like if they modified various sneakers and what they would look like if the added certain things or took away some portions of them.


Well Nike has made a modification to one of my favourite Nike Air Max from in the past. Check out the Nike Air Trainer Max ’94 Low. It should look familiar to you because it is based off of the silhouette of one of the most classic cross trainer sneakers Nike put out. These were the very popular mid-cut sneaker that most of us missed out on that are now back with a little trim off of the top, but still look AMAZING!!!


The Nike Air Trainer Max ’94 Low is a welcome addition to the Air Max family and is one of those sneakers that always had amazing colourways. For the first release of these gems they will be release in a “Black Red” and “Safari” colourway…which are both a must have. This sneaker still contains the Huarache lining which keeps it snug on the foot at all times, which is always a bonus.


There has been no specific release date given for the Nike Air Trainer Max ’94 Low other than stating that it will be in early 2017. I know that I will not be letting these gems miss me this time around…keep an eye out for them!


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