Air Max Mondays: Nike Air Max Uptempo 97 (Black/White)


There are many sneakers that I have had that even though they may not have been the most popular with a lot of people they were a staple in my journey through parts of my life. For this week’s Air Max Monday entry I am featuring a sneaker that carried me through my senior year on the basketball team and important to me due to the fact that it was something that a lot of the members my team wore as well…


This week’s Air Max Monday feature is the Nike Air Max Uptempo 97 (Black/White). A classic sneaker in all accounts most notably made famous by Michael Jordan’s wing man Scottie Pippen. These came across as a very bulky sneaker, but it got the job done on the courts. It could take a serious beating, but made sure you did it in style!


One of the most distinguishing features on the Nike Air Max Uptempo 97s is the sole. It has a very funky and bulky look to it with the almost “gum drops” ¬†looking jewels embedded in the sides of the high end of the extended soles. As corny as it sounds it looks AMAZING! Speaking from experience the one thing that I remember about this design is it feels as sturdy as it looks. As someone that was a rebounder your ankles were always sturdy and secure in this sneaker.


Like all Air Max one of the most important features of the sneaker is the Visible Air Unit and with the Uptempo 97s you were not let down at all. Just like the sole it is embedded in there are some nice smooth curves cut out so that it stands out as it goes around the whole entire sneaker. As funny as it may seem when this sneaker first dropped in 97 it came in a White/Black/Green and Black/Red/Silver colourway, but never is just Black and White. Seeing this release makes me wonder why it took almost 20 years from them to drop these…when my ball court days are done! (Can you sense the bitterness? LOL)


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