As Air Max lovers we often focused on the most popular models of this classic sneaker and forget that there have been many other models that were quite nice. Due to the fact that classics like the Nike Air Max 1/87, 90, 95 and the list goes on various rare Air Max don’t get the type of limelight that they deserve, but when you see someone with them you damn near break your neck to get a look.  I often try and keep my rare Air Max in good condition because like most sneakerheads you know deep in your heart when you have something good that no one will catch on to until it is way too late…


Well my sneakerhead friends here is your second chance at one of those classics that may have passed you by…introducing the Nike Air Max ST – Hyper Peanut.  Most people have forgotten about this hidden gem, but I will NEVER forget the Nike Air Max with the “tear drop” Visible Air Unit. Personally one of the reasons why I believe that these sneakers were not as popular as they should have been was due to the very bland colourways they were released in. But now things are different…


The Nike Air Max ST – Hyper Peanut has brought on new life to this sneaker with a beautiful colourway. This sneaker sports some vibrant colour highlights using Mango Grey, Pink and Teal to bring lots of attention to the foot of the person wearing them. For those that have keenly been following the latest trends when it comes to sneaker colourways, you will probably associate the look of this sneaker with the very popular South Beach theme that has been seen often all over the place. You can even see that the masterminds at Nike put in a little bit of the new school technology in this sneaker with some mesh on the upper sections as well as the toe box.


With all that being said I’m sure you are all wondering where can I get this sneaker…when is it being released?!?! Well there is one catch…these particular gems are being released for kids! *SIGH* I know…I know…take a tissue so we can cry together! Life is just not fair sometimes, but I know that there are some Sole Divas are going to take FULL advantage of this opportunity to make the fellas crazy jealous! Hopefully now that the designers have brought this sneaker back to the forefront we may be seeing some wonderful colourways for men as as well…PLEASE!!!

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