AIR MAX MONDAYS: Nike Air Max Solace (White/Navy/Cobalt)

As a sneaker community we are VERY spoiled with the amount of variety of sneakers that we have at our disposal. Sometimes we take for granted various sneakers that have come out in the past just because they do not get the same amount of shine as the classics always get regards if they are really worthy or not. Often with various sneakers they do not really get the type of attention that they deserve simply because they do not release them in a colourway worthy of getting our attention. BUT, when you change up the pallet of some kicks you will definitely get the sneaker community’s attention!


Check out the Nike Air Max Solace – White/Navy/Cobalt. For some of you this sneaker probably looks really familiar and you would probably correct. The Nike Air Max Solace is not exactly a new sneaker…but it gets over shadowed by the likes of the classics in the Air Max family all the time…and you can’t be mad about it because Nike has pushed most of their energy into the classics and put a lot of gems like these on that back burner.


It is said that these are hybrid creation based off of Tinker Hatfield’s Nike Air Max 87/1. If you take a good look at this sneaker you can really see the similarities on them, but at the same time this sneaker can hold its own too. Some of the main stand out differences on the Nike Air Max Solace – White/Navy/Cobalt is the extra Visible Air Unit cut out at the rear sole of the sneaker. Then you have the overlays that is pulled together with the laces of the sneaker. To cap it off they add some beautiful  3M panels on the heels of this sneaker.


Like most sneakers everyone is going to have their opinions on the Nike Air Max Solace – White/Navy/Cobalt, but if we don’t open up our minds how do you expect the sneaker market to open up? I would love to have these kicks in my collection because the one thing that I know for sure I would be the only one rocking them! I look forward to more colourways in the Nike Air Max Solace because it is a solid sneaker.


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