AIR MAX MONDAYS: Nike Air Max Plus (Swimming Pool)


Almost every sneaker in the Air Max family has been touched up a bit to look better for today’s market and for the most part the majority of them have been really done well. Every now and then Nike comes out with something that makes you want to run to the bank and empty out your whole bank account because you don’t care how much the sneaker costs…YOU MUST HAVE IT! Well, personally I think that I will looking out for these kicks because they are simply amazing to me and they are on one of the most comfortable silhouettes that is in the Nike Air Max family!


Introducing the Nike Air Max Plus – Swimming Pool. Basically the name says it best…LOOK AT THEM! We have featured the Nike Air Max Plus on Air Max Monday before, but now I feel as though this sneaker is something of a whole new bread. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of tinkering and you will come up with something that is just brilliant like these sneakers right here. The only thing that I find strange about these sneakers is…why would release a shoe that would DOMINATE the summer when winter is in full swing?


Where do you even begin with the Nike Air Max Plus – Swimming Pool? Well, let’s just start off with the INCREDIBLE colourway. This Aqua Blue and White blend just fits this sneaker perfectly seeing that they have done close to everything with other blends of colours with this shoe. The protective flame that is normally black and solid over the sneaker has now been made translucent so that people can continue to focus on the Aqua Blue wave colour scheme. When reading and researching this particular sneaker the terms “hypnotic” and “hypnotising” came up constantly…and you can see why.


One of the things most sneakerheads are going to be seeing on this sneaker is that on the sole of the Nike Air Max Plus – Swimming Pool there are spots for the Visible Air Units…but they are not there. One of the first high profile sneakers that had this feature was the Nike Air Max 1 – “The 6”. For “The 6” the designer explained that the sneaker was made for all the seasonal elements that Toronto has which to me gave it an almost All Condition Gear (ACG) feel. For the Nike Air Max Plus – Swimming Pool there hasn’t been any specific reason as to why they made the sole the way they did. One can speculate that it was done that way to keep it air tight or something along that route…either way it looks perfect that way and there would be no reason to change it at all.


The only downfall to this sneaker is that through all the research that I did, everyone has said that this is going to be a European release. This means that if you are in North America you better break out that passport because it’s time to fly overseas to go sneaker shopping!


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