AIR MAX MONDAYS: Nike Air Max Modern SE

When you speak about sneakers today you will probably talk about the fact that a lot of the classics have had many hybrid versions of them made over the past couple of years. Many modifications for various things like weather with sneakerboots or something as simple as a modification for a specific sport. For example how many of the classic Air Jordans have had spikes added to the soles so that baseball and football players can use them to play. For the most part though, the base of the sneaker stays the same with very minor modifications…


Well…check out the Nike Air Max Modern SE. This sneaker looks like something from the sneaker lab tables of Dr. Frankenstein LOL. If you love your Air Max like I do you will see that these sneakers borrow from many of your favorites to create a whole new sneaker…and it is always welcome to add more family members to the Air Max family! This sneaker uses some items from the old sneakers from the Nike Air Max line and fuses them together with some of the newer technology.


Some of the nuances f from other Air Max are very obvious on the Nike Air Max Modern SE whereas others are not. Normally I would point them out for all you sneakerheads, but in this case I think I will leave that fun all up to you! One of the key features that stick out the most with these sneakers to me is the sole. As of recently Nike has been adding the speckled soles to many of the sneakers and it has been a great selling feature. Back in the golden era of sneakers the only time you would see this feature would be on the outdoor type of sneakers i.e. Nike ACGs and sneakers within that genre.


No matter how you want to spin it the Nike Air Max Modern SE looks like a great sneaker to do many experiments with both colourways as well as materials. One can see that they have already used the Engineered Mesh as well as the speckled soles and I`m SOLD! So keep these coming…

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