AIR MAX MONDAYS: Nike Air Max – London Underground Pack by Roundel

Have you ever seen a pair of sneakers that makes you say “WHAT THE HELL?”, but not in a bad way. Well, that’s the way I felt when I got my first glimpse of the Nike Air Max – London Underground Pack by Roundel. These are some serious funky sneakers…and as ALWAYS…I WANT THEM!


These sneakers make their debut on December 14th 2013 exclusively in London, England. There are a 150 pairs of these sneakers being released at the Piccadilly Circus Station through pop-up kiosk locations to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the TFL. Now, for those of you that have no clue what the “TFL” is let me drop a bit of knowledge on you…it stands for Transport for London. That’s right London’s public transportation system is getting some crazy kicks designed for them byRoundel.


The first time I saw these sneakers I struggled to explain what they were and what they looked like to people around me. So, to make sure my fellow sneakerheads know the real deal on these beautiful Air Max I went hunting for information to make sure I give you the right facts!


The Nike Air Max – London Underground Pack were inspired by London, England’s underground subway system. It is said that it was the world’s first underground subway, which says a lot if you have travelled around the world. The upper portion of the sneaker is covered with the classic upholstery of the subway cars. It is stated that it is woven in a Jacquard pattern made from moquette, which is a dense material to keep a sturdy and comfortable fit. That pattern that is coated all over the sneaker originated from the mind of famed designer Misha Black in 1978.


Regardless if you’re into fine art or history these sneakers are FIRE! For anyone that is an avid collector of Nike Air Max these are a must have. The Nike Air Max – London Underground Pack by Roundel come with 2 different Air Max from the famous series…the Nike Air Max 1/87 and the Nike Air Max 90. Both look extremely beautiful and would be a welcomed addition to my collection.


The one tip I will give any sneakerhead heading out to London, England to grab these sneakers…if you call them sneakers out there they may not know what you’re talking about. In those parts they call them “trainers”…and since we are all friends ask them for a size 10.5 for your friend J-Swift!

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