AIR MAX MONDAYS: Nike Air Max LD Zero Suede Pack

If you have been keeping up with what is going on in the sneaker world recently you would see that the biggest trend right now is collaborations. It is happening with every sneaker brand with celebrities, athletes, fashion designers, kids in children’s hospitals and the list goes on and on. Are they all good…? Well, like most things beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but regardless of what anyone thinks it has made the sneakerworld VERY interesting over the past couple years! It should come as no surprise at all that an iconic sneaker line like the Nike Air Max would see its fair share of collaborative work.


Well take in the Nike Air Max LD Zero Suede Pack. I know when you take a look at it you are thinking to yourself that you have seen these before…well you’re right and wrong at the same time. In the early portion of 2016 Nike and Hiroshi Fujiwara came together to create the Nike Air Max LD Zero H which was released in March 2016.

Nike Boston

The reason why it looks so familiar to most is the fact that this sneaker uses the blueprint from the classic Nike Boston. I know what many of you are thinking…it looks like the Nike Cortez, well you’re correct both these sneakers have VERY similar framework. There are minor tweaks here and there of course, but even Fujiwara stated that he wanted to create a sneaker that resonated with sneaker heads that loved the classic sneakers. So, he literally took the upper portion of the Nike Boston and slapped the Visible Air Unit from the Nike Air Max 2014 and ran with it.


Now what do you with a nice masterpiece like the Nike Air Max LD Zero? You add suede to it! Throughout the years there have been many things that they have done when it comes to materials used with creating sneakers…but there is nothing that creates that magic that suede does! The rich texture and tones that suede brings out is often unmatched. This is very well demonstrated with the Nike Air Max LD Zero Suede Pack. It comes in 3 solid colourways which are Black, Obsidian and Sail. All these colourways continue to give this sneaker its classic casual look but at the same time garnish lots of attention because they do look unlike anything on the market.


There has been no official release date for the Nike Air Max LD Zero Suede Pack, but just by the buzz it has been creating online you know that it is going to be a huge seller. These sneakers have pretty much the perfect blend of old school and new school to make almost any sneaker lover happy.

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