AIR MAX MONDAYS: Nike Air Max Gravitron

Due to the success of the more established Nike Air Max sneakers in the series (Nike Air Max 87, 90, 93, 95, 97, etc.), it is far and few between where you will see a design in this sneaker line that doesn’t follow the mould of these classics. That being said…it does not mean there haven’t been attempts to try and make a new classic.


Introducing the Nike Air Max Gravitron. At first glance this sneaker doesn’t really look like a sneaker due to its high-cut appearance, it more resembles a boot. But, now that Nike has been pushing Sneakerboots recently the Nike Air Max Gravitron makes a lot more sense to the market. We all know that one of the worst feelings as a sneakerhead is not being able to rock your kicks in the winter (that is if you live in an area where you are exposed to all the seasons). The other horrible feeling is trying to choose which sneaker you will sacrifice to Jack Frost knowing that they may not make it out of winter alive (R.I.P. Nike Air Max BW…I’m so sorry you took one for the team, but we will meet again!)


If you are an avid Nike Air Max watcher like me you may see some similarities between the Nike Air Max Gravitron and the Nike Air Max Motion SP that was released earlier this year. It is not too often where you will see a sneaker that has pure leather on it…and I likes me some good strong leather on my boots! In the leather of these kicks you will see that there are various diamond shaped cut out patterns all over the sneakerboot, which gives it some more appeal rather than having just solid leather with a couple of holes cut out for your foot to breath.


By far, my favourite feature of this sneaker is the fact that Nike used 3M reflective technology all over it so that it would reflect when light is put on it. Now let’s be real, there is nothing better as a sneakerhead than walking around with shoes that get you attention without you even trying…better yet…sneakerboots boots that can garnish you that attention in the winter! WINNING! Another great feature on this sneakerboot is it has a full length Max Air unit which is always a plus both for the look and for comfort.


Whether you are looking for a boot or a sneaker you are getting the best of both worlds with the Nike Air Max Gravitron and it is surely you will not catch many people in because even when you search for it online you will see plenty pics of it, but not many vendors selling them. But, as I say with everyone on these gems that come out for Air Max Mondays…I WANT THESE TOO!


  • sjk80

    I’d prefer a low cut cross-trainer style instead. But I don’t doubt these will look dope with some ball shorts.

  • Air Force King

    I slept on these kicks. I think these are dope and I would rock these any day!

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