AIR MAX MONDAYS: Nike Air Max “Glow Collection”

2013 has been the year of the Nike Air Max for sure. Nike has been pumping out more Air Max concepts than most sneakerhead’s wallets can keep up with…and this is just for the single shoes. They have also been hammering us with collections, which have had me smashing my piggy banks on the pavement all year! But that being said…I’m not mad at them at all!

Early this year I heard rumblings about Nike creating some kicks using different types of materials on some of the Nike Air Max, but I didn’t really think much of it because they have been doing that for years now. So, when someone showed me the Nike Air Max “Glow Collection” I was thinking to myself “Oh, big deal! I get it white kicks that are so bright that they glow…whatever!”  Then…



UHHH HELL YEAH! I want them…every style…here is my credit card…CHARGE IT…I don’t care! Every sneakerhead knows that having a fresh pair of white kicks is essential to their collection, but having one that looks amazing in the day and then glows in the dark! Come on…that’s something you would only imagine about having! This sneaker is another testament that sometimes the simplest things can make something so much better. All that Nike has pretty much done with these sneakers is add their Premium Tape technology to seaming and stitching. Then add in some glow in the dark fabric that illuminates the shoe for all to admire and BOOM…you have my money!


Techincally there are 2 Nike Air Max “Glow Collection” sets:

The men’s collection which consists of the Nike Air Max 1/87, Nike Air Max 90 and the Nike Air Max 95


As well as the women’s collection which consists of the Nike Air Max1/87, Nike Air Max 90 and the Nike Air Max Thea.


The only real difference between the collections is the Nike Air Max 95 and the Nike Air Max Thea, but as well all know this means that the Sole Divas have the upper hand as always because they can rock both series if they want to. Even though summer is over for the most part and wearing your white kicks is considered to be a big “No No”, you can still grab these joints for the following summer because they are pretty much instant classics! Whenever you take a classic shoe and just add great features to it…it will be welcomed to the sneaker community with open arms.


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