AIR MAX MONDAYS: Nike Air Max Foamdome (Varsity Purple)


If you are like most people that live in areas that have the various seasons, you know that when winter comes around it is time to put your good sneakers on ice (no pun intended). During the winter periods most sneakerheads will be rocking various boots and so on, but the odd person will still wear their sneakers through all the harsh seasons…why? I have NO clue, but you can ask them why when you do see them and trust me when I tell you that you will!


Back in the 90s which most of us hardcore sneakerheads would call the “Golden Era” of sneakers Nike had a line called All Condition Gear (ACG), which sneakers that made to take a severe pounding. From what I gathered at the time they were made for those that love to do outdoors types of activities…but for us that were in the urban sector they our winter boots and we LOVED THEM! It was literally heartbreaking when they stopped producing them the way that they were…yes I said it HEARTBREAKING! So what now…?


Check out the Nike Air Max Foamdome – Varsity Purple. Just a BEAST of a shoe and guess what? It is part of the ACG family well! If you know anything about the sneaker world right now the Foamposites have been just a huge collector’s item on the market. The story behind them when they dropped in the 90s was they were supposed to be one of the toughest sneakers on the market. This silhouette is often linked with Penny Hardaway and his series of sneakers, but when they turned it into a sneakerboot a number of years ago it changed the game!


The original sneaker was designed by Eric Avar and has since taken off into one of the most desirable sneakers on the market in any colourway! With the Nike Air Max Foamdome – Varsity Purple it is going to be no different…the demand is going to be nuts! When you search for them they have also been referred to as “Egg Plant” as the colourway. This sneakerboot has a very rugged look to it as it should for some of the rough winters that have been happening over the past couple years. What makes this different from most of the sneakerboots on the market is the fact that it has a full Visible Air Unit going all the way around the sneakerboot. This gives the Nike Air Max Foamdome that classic Air Max look on top of all the other great features on it.


There has been no official release date for the Nike Air Max Foamdome – Varsity Purple but it would be safe to assume it would very soon seeing the season that we are currently in…


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