Well my fellow sneakerheads summer has pretty much come to a close and most of you are trying to squeeze one last wear out of your premium kicks. Well…at least I know that I’m going to be doing it! LOL For all of you sneakerheads that may think all is lost when the fall winter season comes knocking…looks like the designers at the Nike camp have a little ace up their sleeve for all of us…


Introducing the Nike Air Max Burnished Collection! Yes it may be fall, but all that means to me is that there are going to be some very nice and interesting seasonal colourways coming our way very soon.  What makes these kicks so special? Well, for one they are leather…BROWN leather with SUEDE lining! When you hear those 2 materials coming together you can only think of one thing and that is GOOD QUALITY!


This collection is made up of 2 sneakers from the Nike Air Max family…the Nike Air Max Lunar 87/1 and he Nike Air Max Lunar 90. The Nike Air Lunar Max87/1 is fitted with nice Brown leather on the upper and Teal mid-sole, which is utilizes the Lunarlon technology…that will hopefully keep the this sneaker more on the lighter side because as we all know as sneakerheads, shoes will REAL leather are not light at all! The second sneaker, the Nike Air Max 90, has a more faded used looking type of leather look, but it is beautiful all the same with Red Lunarlon mid-sole. Both of these sneakers exude a lot of character and the pictures that you see online of them do not do them any justice at all!


If you are looking for a pair of sneakers to get those heads turning you need not look any further. With the Nike Air Max Burnished Collection you are getting some very high quality sneakers that look like they were build for the harsh weather and environment that the fall season is about to bring upon us!  I know you are all wondering…Where can I grab these joints? Well, you don’t have to look any further than According to all the research that I did online all roads lead right to the source these bad boys will apparently run you anywhere between $150 USD to $170 USD…make sure you grab them quick before they are gone!


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