Due to the fact that there are so many sneakers on the market we tend to forget some of the sneaker heat that was released in the past. Like most sneakerheads out there I’m guilty of sometimes forgetting some of the classics because of the amount of great releases that we have been getting now. This is one of the reasons why I’m so grateful for the retro market because it gives me the chance to have a second chance on sneakers that I slept on.


One of the sneakers that I slept on was the Nike Air Max 98 now being released in Hyper Cobalt and Black. I remember when these sneakers were released there were 2 factors that most people had a problem with. One, it was high in price…when you go over the threshold of a certain price a lot of people will leave it on the shelf. The second problem was the fact that a lot of people found the sneaker design to be a bit too busy for their liking. Either way, this was not a sneaker that you saw on the streets too much and when you did it was usually on someone that had money to burn!

With this resurfacing of the Nike Air Max 98, I think that they have a good chance at making a comeback. Mainly because a lot of the people that could not afford them and were desiring them have jobs and money to get what they want. One of the KEY things that I Nike should really be looking at with this sneaker is various colourways that are now hot. From what I remember the original colourways for the Nike Air Max 98 was not up to par with the rest of the Air Max family therefore not garnishing the attention that it could have had.


That all being said…that was the past…the Nike Air Max 98 – Hyper Cobalt and Black will hopefully bring some lustre back into this sneaker and sneakerheads from all over wanting to cop themselves a pair! I can already tell that this sneaker has to be really comfortable because Nike utilized the same Visible Air Unit sole as the Nike Air Max 97, which is considered to be one of the most comfortable Air Max ever made. To me THAT alone is a huge selling point…so let’s see how the second go around is for the Nike Air Max 98!

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