AIR MAX MONDAYS: Nike Air Max 95 (Triple Black)

As sneakerheads we sometimes get the tendency to get really caught up in various colourways of sneakers often forgetting that when you simplify things it can make a huge difference. We are always looking for some nice bright vibrant colours to give the sneaker that “WOW” factor, but because the sneaker market has become so over saturated with vibrant sneakers something seems to be missing…


Well check out the Nike Air Max 95 – Triple Black. Simple…and to the point! Black on black on black…and I LOVE IT! Just like I spoke of in previous posts you have to have certain sneakers within your arsenal. For the summer time you always got to have an all white pair of kicks, but for the whole year you MUST have a pair of all black sneakers. No, it does not have to be a pair of Nike Air Max…but why not?


The Nike Air Max 95 – Triple Black is a perfect blend of leather, suede and mesh. For most sneakers this would seem like a lot to include all at once, but because of the great pallet that the Nike Air Max 95 has it looks just perfect! Like most of the classic Air Max it doesn’t take much to make these sneakers shine…but these joints do prove that one solid colourway can be just as great as all the vibrant joints that are out on the market!


So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a pair of Nike Air Max 95 – Triple Blacks because you know if you sleep on them and see another person rocking them you will be REALLY upset! These are the types of kicks that will make sneaker envy come out of the best of us. No retailer has come out to say that they are going to be carrying these sneakers exclusively, but based on the market has been with solid coloured sneakers I don‘t think it would be hard to believe that they will be stocking them at your local Foot Locker or Champs Sports…but I could be wrong! Either way…I know I will be getting these joints for SURE!

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