AIR MAX MONDAYS: Nike Air Max 95 PRM TAPE (Pink Foil)


It seems as though Nike has really been focusing on trying to re-work the wheel so to speak with a lot of their Nike Air Max sneakers. Like most sneakerheads out there…I’m not mad at them for trying because the results for the most part have been VERY pleasing to say the least! The more experimental the designers at Nike have been, the more we get fed wonderful classic Air Max with amazing new technology and colourways!


With all that being said I would like introduce one of the latest Air Max creations to come out of the Nike labs…The Nike Air Max 65 PRM Tape (Pink Foil). Now, let me make this clear as far as I know these sneakers are for MEN, but I’m sure the “pink” will throw people for a loop. If the “pink” bothers you just think of it as a very STRONG salmon! Now that we have got that out of the way we can focus on what a piece of art this sneaker is!


Call me bias, but I’m a HUGE sucker for Nike Air Max 95s…bring them out and I will buy them…no questions asked! This sneaker utilizes the Premium Tape technology and it works really well with this design. The colourway of this sneaker is mostly gray with some speckled white and grey highlights by the toe and lower side portions to give it that safari effect. One of the key things that you will notice about this sneaker is that along the tongue there is a black and pink-striped ribbon to put the laces through with a big loop at the top of it.



Overall this is a very solid Nike Air Max to add to your collection and I can pretty much guarantee that when you walk down the street wearing the Nike Air Max 95 PRM Tape (Pink Foil) you will be turning heads! I can’t wait to see what colourways they come out with this particular design in the future! Keep up the good work Nike…



  • retroKidd

    D-O-P-E A-S S-H-I-T!!!


    The SHOE Sickness! Must Buy!

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