One of the best things that has been happening over the past couple years with sneaker culture is the fact that many of the designers have taken many risks with colourways and designs.  Even if you have the same sneaker as someone else some kicks are so rare that people can’t help but respect you even if you have the same sneaker as someone else. Some sneakers are just worth sharing with fellow sneakerheads.


Introducing the Nike Air Max 95 EM – Space Mission…yes take a good look at these joints because they are a MUST have to for all that like Nike Air Max sneakers. If  you don’t already own a pair of Nike Air Max with Engineered Mesh technology…you don’t know what you’re missing at all! One of the biggest issues that many sneakers have is the fact that a lot of sneakers do not let your feet breath…there is NOTHING worse than having sweaty, wet feet in your prized kicks…YUCK.


What makes the Nike Air Max 95 EM – Space Mission such a special sneaker? Well let’s start with the upper of the sneaker and its very nice cloudy pattern on it. It is subtle but it will really get the attention of anyone that sees you in them. With that wonderful pattern they have paired the upper with some very nice Turquoise highlights inside the sneaker’s inner lining, tongue logo as well as in the Visible Air Units. To finish off the colour scheme there hints of Cobalt Blue on the lacing loops and swoosh…in other words it is PERFECT!


There has not been official date as to when these joints are going to drop on the market, but I know my eyes are going to be wide open looking for them to drop! I’m a huge fan of the Nike Air Max 95 series, but these joints are on my radar for SURE! To make them even more attractive they have Engineered Mesh…you can’t lose!


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