I know that from time to time there are going to be sneakers that I will just not be able to get my hands on…but I would be lying if I said that it doesn’t hurt BAD! As a sneakerhead I’m well aware of the fact that there are going to be places in the world that get some really nice exclusive kicks that make me feel like relocating from Toronto just to cop some sneakers.  Well, I think I will be making a move overseas because this release really hurt my chest when I saw them…


I’m talking about the Nike Air Max 93 – Foot Locker Exclusive Colourways. So you may be saying to yourself right now…”What’s the big deal there are Foot Lockers in Toronto!” Well, my friends these bad boys or bad girls (I don’t discriminate) are exclusive only to the Foot Lockers in Europe…OUCH! So anyone down for a trip to Europe let me know…it’s time to go sneaker shopping Euro style…LET’S DO IT!


If you are an Nike Air Max fanatic like myself the thing that you hurt your chest the most is the fact that it is hard enough to get your hands on a pair of Nike Air Max 93s much less them coming out in these NASTY colourways! Let’s take a quick look at what we are seeing right now…the first of the 2 being released is in a Tonal Grey upper  highlighted with a Volt neoprene ankle collar or otherwise known as the “Huarache Sock”.  The other colourway is an all Black upper with a Hyper Crimson neoprene ankle collar. To make these sneakers even more rare they made them completely out of CANVAS! Come on man…enough…this REALLY hurts!


One of the roughest things about being a sneakerhead in places like Toronto is the fact that the brands treat us like there no demand for sneakers like these here! It is such a shame because if they would only take the time and do their research they would see that the sneaker community in toronto just like many places in the world have a THIRST for rare kicks like these and deserve the chance to be treated to some exclusives…but hey…that’s a WHOLE other post in itself!


Happy Air Max Monday all!

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