AIR MAX MONDAYS: Nike Air Max 90 Royal


Have you ever seen something that made you do a double take because you couldn’t believe what you were seeing? Well for this week’s entry on Air Max Mondays you will more than likely being doing that because even though these kicks look quite plain…they VERY complex! Do not let the simplicity of the visuals fool you…


Check out the Nike Air Max 90 Royal. Now, when you look at these sneakers you should notice they do not look like your regular Nike Air Max 90s at all. When you see these sneakers up online you will often see words like luxury trending with them. Automatically this would spark the interest of any sneakerhead due the fact that you never really hear the words “Air Max” and “Luxury” in the same sentence. How do you take the iconic Nike Air Max 90s to the next level?


The first thing that you will notice at the first glance of the Nike Air Max 90 Royal is the quality of materials that were utilized when creating this masterpiece. You can tell that they used very high quality leather and suede constructing them. The MAJOR difference in the look of this sneaker is that they look like they have each been handcrafted…almost custom made for you.


Before I proceed I think it is fitting to shout out some one that we did an interview with @JBoogs317 aka “The Queen of Construction”. As soon as I saw these sneakers I thought of her and the amazing work that she does on a constant basis. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this design was not inspired by her work…YEAH I SAID IT! If you check her work out you will see why!


To just say that they use suede and leather to make up the Nike Air Max 90 Royal would be insulting. When you look at the texture of the materials you can see how rich in quality they are. One of the key things that you will notice is the area over the Visible Air Unit the tan leather has been folded over it right to the other side of the sneaker going underneath. The overflow of leather over the Visible Air Unit is what reminds me so much of the work of @JBoogs317…it is probably the part of the sneaker that stands out the most to me.


The Nike Air Max 90 Royal has been shown in 4 colourways so far online with hopefully more on the way. They are Velvet Brown, Rough Green, Black and Wolf Grey. Any of these would be a welcomed addition to an Air Max collection. The one thing most of you are wondering about is what is the price tag for these kick? Well the most recent price that I came across was $260. That being said I don’t know if that is in USD, Euro or UK Pounds Sterling…either way it is hefty price tag!


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