AIR MAX MONDAYS: Nike Air Max 90 – Halloween

I will be very honest with you and tell you that I’m not the biggest fan of themed and seasonal sneakers. The reason why I feel that way is because once certain themes and seasons are no longer current the sneaker can also become old news as well. But, there are some things that do come along and make you rethink your stance on items like these…


Check out the Nike Air Max 90 –Halloween…GOOD LORD what a nice shoe! With the fall season now coming up a lot of sneakerheads will be rocking some kicks with earth tones and this sneaker fits that profile perfectly.  One of the reasons why I think this sneaker is so appealing as well is the fact that the designers at Nike did not put any markings or labels on this sneaker to make sure that people would associate it with Halloween. There are no jack lanterns, skeletons, vampires or werewolvesNO none of that stuff is on these sneakers…thank you!!!


One of the key markings on this sneaker can be seen on the toe box of the Nike Air Max 90 – Halloween, you will see on the black portion some portions look like they have speckled felt on it. It looks GREAT! The same textured pattern is also found on the back upper portion of this sneaker as well. The colourway of the this sneaker is Black/Team Red-Cognac-Total Orange. Most of the time you would think these colours would not go together…but on these joints it is PERFECT!


If are one of those sneakerheads that likes collecting themed sneakers this one is definitely for you. At the same time people like myself that really don’t do the themed kicks will love the Nike Air Max 90 – Halloween for sure. If I’m lucky enough to get my hands on these kicks I will be wearing them all year round…not only during the Halloween season!



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