AIR MAX MONDAYS: Nike Air Max 2017


At the fourth quarter of each year one of the best things that we as sneakerheads get to look forward to is the previews of what is going to be released in the following year. We get to see new technology being used to for comfort and style. Various sneaker lines get a face lift with new designs or colourways to reflect the change of the times we are in. No matter what it is that changes we are always in for a treat. One of the sneaker lines that has been making these adjustments throughout the years is the Nike Air Max. They have been making changes to their iconic sneaker since it made its debut in 1987.


So it should be no shock that with this year coming to a close we would be in for a treat for 2017! Check out the beautiful Nike Air Max 2017. What a wonderful looking sneaker! Many people will look at this sneaker and think that it is nothing special because it doesn’t look like much has changed, but it is that same reason why it is so brilliant.


Instead of going with the common sleek look of today’s sneakers the Nike Air Max 2017 has puffy bulky look to them. Not in an overbearing uncomfortable manner, but just enough to give the sneaker more of dominant presence.  Like any other flagship Air Max they are more than likely going to be coming a vast amount of colourways, but so far they have shown off 3 samples of this sneaker.  They are Wolf Grey, Midnight Blue and Burgundy.


The Nike Air Max 2017 showcases the very comfortable and breathable Engineered Mesh (EM) on the toe box which looks like it eventually just blends into the upper portion of the sneaker. At the back portion which people may consider the “bulky section” of the sneaker it sports a giant Nike Swoosh, which gives it that classic 90s look where bigger was always better. There hasn’t been much information on this in regards to the specs and so on, but from what they have shown visually…I WANT THEM!


The gems hit the sneaker market on November 7th so make sure you start saving your lunch money grab them…or you can just miss out and I grab them all!

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