AIR MAX MONDAYS: Nike Air Max 2014+ Flyknit


I will be very honest with you and tell you that I’ve always liked sneakers that push the limits when it comes to the imagination, but sometimes even I have my doubts about some of the concepts Nike comes out with. One of the very few concepts that came out of the Nike camp that had me scratching my head in disbelief was the “Flyknit” campaign.  How the hell can you make anything knitted look appealing? When I think of knitting, I think of quilts and elderly people chilling in their special chairs creating masterpieces for their loves ones…but that’s just me!


Well…leave it to Nike to have me backslide on my beliefs again! Introducing the Nike Air Max 2014+ Flyknit. Like most people, when I saw these joints I didn’t even know how to take them in, but I WANTED THEM! As a sneakerhead you often want to have a sneaker in your arsenal that will give people that “Wow Factor”…for a lot of people these will be those kicks! Don’t get me wrong, when the smoke clears people may ask you things like “how do you clean them?” and “aren’t you afraid that they are fragile because they are knitted?” Well, YES…but at the same time…WHO CARES! LOOK AT THEM…These are incredible!


Where do you even start with these wonderful kicks? Well, let’s just start off with the obvious, which is the fact that sneaker is made up of a woven pattern. Just looking at the sneaker you can tell there has been a lot of work put into the detail. As always, Nike implemented some of their newer technology that I can see them doing a lot of in the future, which is taping the seeming on the sneaker. The knitted coving almost looks like an exoskeleton when you look at it from various angles. Another feature that is very eye catching is the gradient colourway Visible Air Unit. Though you may have seen it before used on other sneakers…for some reason it looks so much fresher on the Nike Air Max 2014+ Flyknit.


The release date for these kicks is slated for sometime in the 4th quarter of 2013 and like most people I will be ready to cop mine when they come out. As with most of the yearly Nike Air Max that are released these kicks will be released in colourways for both the men and women…take a quick guess as to which one looks better…the WOMEN’S of course! There is no doubt that Nike is making a statement with these sneakers and I’m sure that as the release date comes closer they will be hitting us with a variety of colourways for these sneakers to make our mouths water.


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