One of my favourite things about the summer season for sneakers is the funky colourways that start dropping all over the place. There is nothing better than seeing classic sneakers get a nice face lift to almost reinvent them. To be honest there have been some sneakers that I wasn’t even feeling too much until they were released in a nice funky colourway. Sometimes all it takes is a little tweaking of the colours and it will turn an average sneaker into a classic for some people. Obliviously, liking various colourways is a personal opinion, but many sneakerheads will agree that a simple change of colour makes a HUGE difference for many sneakers. Case and point…so many sneakerheads jumping on Nike ID to create their own personal sneakers the way they want them.


With that being said take a good look at the Nike Air Max 180 – Midnight Navy. What a thing of beauty! Seeing that the Nike Air Max 180 is such a rare sneaker to begin with it makes it even more attractive when you see it in such a wonderful colourway. According to the information online there has not been much said about this particular sneaker as yet, but the pics have been released in detail as more of a teaser…basically to make sneakerhead’s mouths start to water.


One of the first things that will catch you eye on this beautiful sneaker is the midsole. Unless you’ve been locked away from the rest of the sneaker world for the last little while you would know that the speckled safari look is a HUGE hit! To add to that the upper portion of the Nike Air Max 180 – Midnight Navy is covered in a nice rich Navy Blue with Volt, Crimson Red and Royal Blue highlights. As weird as this combination of colours and patterns sounds…it REALLY does work out nicely!


There has not been any official release on when the Nike Air Max 180 – Midnight Navy will hit the stores, but when it does I don’t think they will be sitting on the shelves. If these joints cross my path I’m grabbing them QUICK! The Nike Air Max 180 is one of those sneakers that most sneakerheads including myself have missing from their collection of kicks. So what better way to fill that void in your collection than with these beauties!

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