AIR MAX MONDAYS: Nike Air Max 180 – Burgundy Safari


Though it is not a new trend in the sneaker world it is has ALWAYS been a hot one…I’m talking about the use of animal print on sneakers. Sometimes when you use it too much it can come across as very tacky or if you use too little of it comes across as pointless. But, when used properly it can make a sneaker something that you and your sneakerheads buddies will be talking about for years! Whenever I see the name “Safari” attached to any Nike sneaker my mouth starts to water because I know that I’m in for a VERY beautiful sneaker…so when this came across my path I knew I had to share it with for Air Max Mondays.


Introducing the Nike Air Max 180 – Burgundy Safari…good lord what a PRETTY sneaker this is! First off…when is the last time you have seen a sneaker this nice in burgundy? If you know anything about sneakers…this is one of those colourways that you can pretty much rock with anything because you know NO ONE will have it!


As you may or may not know the Nike Air Max 180 is a classic, but at the same time it is VERY rare, so when you do see it you know it is more than likely a real sneakerhead that is the owner. Recently Nike has taken the time to add a lot more flavour to this sneaker by giving them incredible new colourways. Sometimes having a new colourway may not be enough, so Nike will add a nice texture to give the sneaker even more appeal…hence the Safari touch.


Something as simple as the Safari texture pattern on this sneaker may seem very simple, but when you ask any sneakerhead…it takes this sneaker to all new heights! I know for a fact that the Nike Air Max 180 – Burgundy Safari will be on most sneakerhead’s wish list because as rare as a sneaker that the Nike Air Max 180 is having it in this colourway will just put you miles ahead of the competition!

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