AIR MAX MONDAYS: Nike Air Max 120 (Hyper Orange)


As a sneakerhead there are often shoes that you feel you may never see again because they were so rare. Sometimes you often find yourself trying to explain them to people only to have them look at you like you’ve just made them up or you are simply out of your mind. Well, I have been trying to explain this sneaker to people for years and it has finally come back to life so I don’t look nuts anymore…


Check out the Nike Air Max 120 – Hyper Orange. For many people this will be the first time they are laying their eyes on these joints, but for others…that light bulb just went off to trigger a sneaker memory. But, if you really remember this sneaker you will notice that the Nike Air Max 120 got a bit of a facelift.


There have been some very obvious changes made to this sneaker. The insole and outsole have been modified quite a bit as well as the colour blocking on the heel of the sneaker. But, for me my favourite update is the speckled loops on the tongue and heel of the shoe…I don’t know what it is about that pattern…it gets me every time.


The best thing about the Nike Air Max 120 – Hyper Orange is they are available NOW! Most of the time you have to wait for joints like this to be released, but they are out and ready to become a part of your collection. If you’re an Air Max collector you have to have these joints for your collection because although they are not the most flashy of the series, they are surely something that you will not see everyday especially seeing that today’s sneakerhead market is saturated with more followers than leaders.

Now off to find myself a pair to complete my collection…

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