Air Max Mondays: Nike Air Max 1 Natural Motion (NM) 2015

As 2014 comes to a close one can’t help to wonder what is in store for us as sneakerheads in 2015. There is no doubt in my mind that we will have a lot to look forward to, but the main question is WHAT IS IT? This year has been amazing in the sense of releases and technology that has been developed for us to enjoy. Something as simple as the Triple Black campaign has been HUGE for Nike because they took pretty much most of their classic kicks and gave them the solid black colourway. You are now hard pressed to find any of those sneakers anywhere because they didn’t last on the shelves.


So…what do we have to look forward to for the next year? Let’s start with the Nike Air Max 1 Natural Motion (NM) 2015 series! Good lord have mercy I’m sold already…I want this in EVERY colourway that they release them in! Though it is an adaptation of the Nike Air Max 1…it looks like a completely different sneaker and I don’t think many people will be upset with these adjustments at all!

As always you’re probably asking yourself…what makes these sneakers different? Let’s start with the fact that the whole upper of the Nike Air Max 1 Natural Motion (NM) is SEAMLESS. But, not only is it seamless…they used a one piece of Engineered Mesh to cover the whole upper. If you have never had the experience of wearing a sneaker with Engineered Mesh you will understand how amazing this news is. To compliment the upper, they have developed some new technology called Natural Motion that is used on the flex grooved outsoles of this sneaker. WOW…you sold yet? No? Let me give you some more then…


New technology is always great, but if you really want to grab our attention you need to have some stellar colourways…well they covered that and then some. The Nike Air Max 1 Natural Motion (NM) 2015 comes in some nice basic colourways like Black/White, Cool Grey/ White as well as another one that looks like a Light Green/White. But, there is a catch…the White portions of these sneakers look as though they have been covered with 3M material. That’s right sneaker peeps it will REFLECT in the dark! This has been a huge hit in the past, but it is now becoming more apparent on a lot of sneakers because it adds a lot of character to the shoe.


If you feel like I do 2015 cannot come close enough. Looks like I have something to look forward to rock in the summer of 2015. As well, seems like Nike is REALLY pushing for comfort because this Natural Motion sole looks like it is no joke at all!

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