AIR MAX MONDAYS – Nike Air Max 1 Master (Black)


Unless you have been sleeping underneath a rock in the middle of nowhere you should be well aware that March is Nike Air Max month. Seeing that this sneaker turns 30 years old this year there has been a huge buzz as to all the great releases that are dropping all month. Even with all the madness and buzz that has been going on for the anniversary of the Nike Air Max 1 there has been one sneaker that people have been talking about the MOST…


Take a look at the Nike Air Max 1 Master…GOOD LORD HAVE MERCY what a nice shoe! For some it doesn’t look that attractive, BUT to a true Nike Air Max lover this is the ONE…the MUST HAVE! What makes the Nike Air Max 1 Master so special you may ask? Well, let’s start with the fact that this sneaker is literally a timeline of the all the pertinent Nike Air Max 1s from years past.


Now…before you all kick up a huge fuss as to what the best colourways and materials were in the past of this sneaker…let’s really think about this. It is something that I would say that about 99.9% of us can agree on…no matter what you would have picked as your favorite Air Max 1 to include on this sneaker you will still want it. You can almost look at the Nike Air Max Master 1 (Black) as almost a patchwork quilt for sneakers.


When you see this sneaker at first you will more than likely have a “What the hell…?” type of reaction. After the initial shock from the Frankenstein appearance you then start to see the various Nike Air Max 1s that you currently have or want and start to fall in love with it. This sneaker takes having history on your feet to the next level! On a big plus side…this sneaker pretty much matches EVERYTHING so can rock these with almost any outfit! LOL


You may be asking yourself why are we only speaking about the Nike Air Max 1 Master (Black)? Well the simple answer is that this was the only sneaker that was available for the average sneakerhead to get their hands on. Whereas, the Nike Air Max 1 (White) Friends and Family pretty much explains itself in the name. IT WAS ONLY FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY…so unless you’re really connected your chances of getting are a strong ZERO! Personally, I try not to look at the white version because I start to get bitter and catch feelings…they are SO BEAUTIFUL!!! But I can’t have them…and I’m having a hard time accepting that…SIGH


At the end of the day if you’re lucky enough to snag a pair of the Nike Air Max 1 Master (Black) then you will be the envy of many people in the sneaker world. By the time you get around to reading this they will more than likely be sold out everywhere…but if you have loads of money you can always try and grab them from one of those resellers online…either way GOOD LUCK and happy hunting!


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