AIR MAX MONDAYS: Nike Air Max 1 GS – Brave Blue Tiger


As a sneakerhead you know as well as anyone that there are going to be sneakers that you will never be able to get your claws on. Take a good look at these bad boys right here! Introducing the Nike Air Max 1 GS – Brave Blue Tiger…a thing of beauty.


With all that being said, if you’re like me you’re thinking to yourself “where do I get these from?” Well, let me just throw a monkey wrench in your plans from now and let you know that these beautiful kicks are for kids. That’s right…you read correctly…KIDS!!! So, right around now I know you are feeling that same heat and chest pain that I felt when I first got a glance at these kicks.


Normally when Nike makes Air Max for kids it is a mini version of one of the adult sneakers with a bit less details. For example, when they produce 95 Air Max for kids they only have one air bubble placed at the heel of the sneaker rather than many individual units showing on the adult’s version. Taking a look at this sneaker it is quite a shock that this much detail was put into a sneaker for kids. But, at the same time…maybe there is a small chance that they will make an adult version of this sneaker because it is FIRE!


There is nothing better than rich colours on a sneaker and the Nike Air Max GS – Brave Blue Tiger is covered in some really nice blue tones. To add some extra flavour to this sneaker the designer of this sneaker put some tiger animal print on it to garnish more glances from other sneakerheads…or I guess in this case at the playground.


So to all the parents out there, if you want to pick a pair of sneakers that will have you HATING on your own kids for their sneaker game…this is one of them shoes that they have to have. Mind you just the thought of children running around in mud, sand, water, playing kickball or dragging their feet in these gems makes me feel sick to my stomach.

  • MzOzborn aka Ayr Maxine

    my stomach just cramped from the idea of my son dragging his toes to stop his bike in these!

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