With winter approaching very soon most sneakerheads are ready to put their prized kicks on ice and either sacrifice a pair of sneakers to the winter elements or grab their boots for a couple months. For most part the winter season is a time to stock up on your collection of kicks, try and grab those kicks you missed out on or simply save up some money to be ready to go nuts on the sneaker market for the next season. Well…the people at Nike do not seem to have an end in sight when it comes to breaking out new kicks for us to drool over.


Check out the Nike Air Max 1 – Flax. I know when you look at these sneakers they come across as very plain…but that’s what makes them so appealing. There is just something about a solid colourway sneaker that always catches my eye even if it is a solid Black or White. But when is the last time you saw a sneaker the colour of wheat?


If you really want to put things into perspective…in the winter time one of the pieces of footwear that is very popular amongst many people are Timberland boots. The popular colourway in these boots is the Wheat colourway…do you see the similarity? Most people automatically think “Timbs” when they see this colourway so it is going to mess with some sneakerhead’s minds for a while as the Nike Air Max 1 – Flax becomes more popular…which it will!


The Nike Air Max 1 – Flax has only 2 colours on the whole sneaker. The first and most prominent one is the Flax/Wheat colour which is spread over the whole upper of the sneaker and then it is accented with a beautiful Chocolate Brown sole that completes the sneaker perfectly! The materials used on the upper portion of this sneaker looks like a nice suede. The only thing I would say right off the bat for a sneaker like this is you HAVE TO invest in some sneaker protector and cleaner because these joints are going to be a nightmare to keep clean…


Whatever your sneaker preference is for sneakers or boots the Nike Air Max 1 – Flax fits right in the middle for those who love the look of Timberland boots but love the comfort of sneakers. I’ve never been one to wear Timbs…but I’ve always liked the colourway of their boots…so guess who is getting themselves a pair of the Nike Air Max 1 –Flax?!?! THIS DUDE RIGHT HERE!

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