AIR MAX MONDAYS: Nike Air Max 1 – Dynamic Berry


Whether you want to believe it or not…we in the sneakerhad community actually celebrate the anniversaries of sneakers. This year we have something HUGE to celebrate…it is the 30th anniversary of the Nike Air Max! That’s right the classic sneaker that pretty started the revolution of the Visible Air Unit is 30 years old…time flies doesn’t it?


If you have been paying attention you will notice that most sneakerheads have been posting their classic Nike Air Max 1s all over social media. Even better…Nike has been teasing the community with tons of very beautiful Nike Air Max 1s that are going to be dropping throughout the whole month of March. One of the first to be released to the masses is the Nike Air Max 1 – Dynamic Berry…oh yes it is a very nice show indeed!


When you’re dealing like the Nike Air Max 1 silhouette there is pretty much nothing that you need to do with it other than play with the colourway. After going 30 years strong in the sneaker game this sneaker has lasted the test of time as well as set the bar very high for all that followed. Most of the time when a sneaker line is released year after year they try and raise the bar higher and higher, but with the Nike Air Max sneakerheads cannot get away from the one that started it all.


You may be thinking…”well what makes the Nike Air Max 1 – Dynamic Berry so special?” Well a simple answer to that question is when a sneaker has been linked to the 30 year anniversary of this iconic line it is A MUST HAVE…PERIOD! Might I add…are you seeing this colourway? I mean Dynamic Berry and Vivid Sulfur suede! Come on…take my money now! Take make these gems even more spectacular the insoles of the sneaker have the year “1987” on them, which pretty much give it the anniversary seal approval in my eyes.


Here is the hard news in regards to the Nike Air Max 1 – Dynamic Berrys…they literally sold out everywhere the day they dropped. You will be hard pressed to find them anywhere…but that has NEVER stopped a true sneakerhead from trying! That being said…I’m a size 10.5…please and thanks!


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