AIR MAX MONDAYS: Nike Air Max 1 Cork

One of the hardest things to do in the sneaker world is make a classic better than it already is. That being said Nike has been able to work some miracles over the past couple years due to the advancement of sneaker technology as well as great new colourways for many of the sneakers. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be very complicated at all…just a simple touch up on one of their classics and you have great new addition to the family!


Introducing the Nike Air Max 1 Cork…I don’t think that I really need to get into some deep explanation for these joints right here. The proof is in the name and the appearance. Nike has taken their classic silhouette and placed a cork overlay all over the upper portion of it. Nothing special at all…but at the same time…IT WORKS!


According to sources online the Nike Air Max 1 Cork has been exclusively given to their new Nike SOHO shop, but with a VERY limited amount of only 100 pairs. The cool feature of these sneakers is they actually have the number out of 100 etched on the side of the heel. So as you are reading this more than likely these gems have been snagged up. This probably means the sneaker resale vultures have more than likely put them up on eBay for some RIDICULOUS price!


Just like everyone else I will online looking for a deal on the Nike Air Max 1 Cork…I hope I’m lucky enough to find them. But, since you all love me out there I’m a size 10.5 US…hook a brother up!


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