AIR MAX MONDAYS: Nike Air Max 1 – Atmos X (Elephant)


2017 in just coming to the end of the first quarter and it looks like Nike is going to make this the year of the Nike Air Max. Throughout all of March there has been nothing but absolute FIRE being released to the masses of sneakerheads out there and we are not mad at them at all. Mind you I’m pretty sure that some people have had to skip a meal or two to keep with the amount of madness that has been released so far this year! So you may be thinking what’s next…?


Check out the Nike Air Max 1 – Atmos XOH BOY! Now, for most of you sneakerheads out there these should look very familiar because they have been released in the past. In fact, it is said that a poll was taken by Nike in 2016 in regards to which was the greatest Nike Air Max of all time with the promise that it would be released for the 30th Anniversary of the Nike Air Max in 2017. Well, looks like we can pretty much all agree that the right choice was made. These are so good that it has been slatted in arguments as one of the greatest sneakers of all time!


There is no need for me to explain why the Nike Air Max 1 – Atmos X are incredible because you can look at them and tell that they are NO JOKE! I will let you in on a little secret…the key ingredient is the Elephant Print. Why? Well ever since this print showed up on the Nike Air Jordan IIIs it has been an obsession with most sneakerheads. This is before the Internet was as available as it is now and before Nike ID allowed you customize your dream sneaker through Nike. So when the Nike Air Max – Atmos X dropped people bought them up so fast that people didn’t even know they really existed. Almost making it a myth of a sneaker because almost no one you knew had it.


Some will argue that this version of the Nike Air Max 1 – Atmos X is not the same as the original and they would be right. That being said…does it really matter they pretty much are spot on. All the colours are the way they should be the only small difference is on the elephant print…and to be honest with you I kind of like these better. The Elephant Print looks much more vibrant to me, which is the MOST important attribute of this sneaker…just saying.


By the time you read this I can guarantee that these kicks will be sold out everywhere and the only way you will probably be able to get them is if you want to pay the inflated prices that will show up on eBay or Craigslist. If you truly love your Nike Air Max these are a MUST for you to have, but good luck finding them because it’s going to be just as hard to find them as the last time they were released in 2007.


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