I don’t think I’m too far off from saying that it doesn’t matter what brand or style of shoes you are into…there is just something about an ALL WHITE pair of shoes that just makes you feel so clean and fresh. Well, even though summer is coming to a close there’s nothing wrong with rocking some fresh white kicks when the time is right! For a sneakerhead like myself, it really doesn’t matter what brand or style of the sneaker it is you will have my attention when it is nice and white.


Well check out the Nike Air Max Plus – Casper…yeah Casper just like the ghost…LOVE THE NAME! The Nike Air Plus in my opinion is one of the most comfortable sneakers that I have worn with their Tuned Air technology. Now they have added this beautiful colourway…looks like I may have to be buying up a couple pairs of these joints right here! All real sneakerheads know that you MUST have at least one all white joint in your collection…well if you don’t have one yet…HERE IT IS!


What more can you ask for? This sneaker has the best of both worlds…comfort and style! Take a good look at it…it has a nice vibrant White overlay with Grey highlights to accent the major features of the shoe. Another VERY nice feature to this sneaker is the fact that the only parts that fall outside the colourway are the features that are associated with the Tuned Air technology. On the back of the sneaker you will the classic “Tn AIR” emblem in Red and Yellow on the back of the shoe as well as that same colour combination with the Visible Air Unit located in the heel instep portion. ┬áNow looking at it I may have to buy 3 pairs to 2 on ice because who knows when something this great will come out again!


So I know where this is going to lead to now…seeing that most people ask me the same things EVERY week in regards to all the kicks I post on Air Max Monday…WHERE DO I GET THEM??? Well if I have the answer to that question I will do my best to provide it for you, but that being said most of the sneakers featured are very rare and are hard to find…even though I have been able to snag some of them myself! HEHEHE. So now the bg reveal…you can get yourself a pair of the beautiful Nike Air Max Plus – Caspers at your local Foot Locker



I mean at least finishing ready the article before you fly out there door…*sigh* Note to self…save the sneaker location for the real end of the article…


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